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5 Minute Read: Our Quick Guide to Choosing your Timber

Decking is available in a range of softwoods and hardwoods, it is important to pick the right timber for your decking project that is suitable for the application. This blog post is a how to guide on choosing your timber and covers a couple of key points to consider.

8th August 2020

How to add value to your garden (without spending a fortune!)

Did you know the average Brit spends 86 minutes a week gardening? Well it's time well spent as it has been...

3rd July 2020

How to clean and maintain your garden decking

How to get your garden decking or non slip decking looking tip-top this spring and ready for Summer with these...

2nd June 2020

How to make the most of a small garden

We're thrilled that garden centres are reopening today as part of the latest phase to ease Covid-19 restrictions....

13th May 2020

Slip ratings, hazards and solutions for deck boards

As the name suggests, at Gripsure we specialise in non-slip deck boards and pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our products. In this blog we look into slip ratings, how they are measured, potential hazards and consequences and why it is important to choose a product which will provide a safe surface in the long term rather than in the first stages of a product's life cycle.

20th November 2019

Eight decking myths busted

There are many common myths and misconceptions about decking, we look at eight of the most common myths in this...

4th October 2017

Which type of wood is best for timber decking?

While pressure treated softwood is the most common option for decking there are alternatives on the market, which...

4th August 2017

Choosing the right aggregate for your non slip decking

Small particles of stone, called aggregate, are what gives Gripsure decking its non slip properties. We add aggregate...

14th July 2017

Should I go for composite or timber decking for my garden?

When researching how to best deck your outdoor space, you are left with two choices: composite or timber decking. But what is the difference and which is the best option for a safe and cost effective finish? Mike Nicholson, Managing Director of Gripsure takes a look at the options.

15th June 2017

Where can I use timber decking?

The list of uses for decking is almost endless but here are some of the main reasons for selecting decking to showcase...

3rd May 2017

Why decking tiles could be the perfect option for your garden, balcony or roof terrace

Perhaps you’re considering decking for your garden, but are not confident in fitting a traditional deck....

7th April 2017

Components and fixings for building a deck sub frame

This blog post covers a few keys points to bear in mind when building a timber deck frame such as, posts, joists...

22nd August 2016