Get a grip on the latest decking issues

As the name suggests, at Gripsure we specialise in non-slip deck boards and pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our products. In this blog we look into slip ratings, how they are measured, potential hazards and consequences and why it is important to choose a product which will provide a safe surface in the long term rather than in the first stages of a product's life cycle.

How to spend more time outdoors this year

Written by Gripsure | 2nd January 2018

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At Gripsure we are passionate about people making the most of their gardens all year round. So, how can you make this the year you spend more time enjoying the outdoors?




We were delighted to supply some custom green anti slip decking to Alan and the Love Your Garden team to help create a sensory garden and safe haven for 4 year old Isabelle. 

How to create the perfect family friendly garden

Written by Gripsure | 21st July 2017

Outdoor living  

How can you create a family friendly garden? Getting everyone off the sofa, away from screens and out into the fresh air can only be a good thing. So, here are our tips on turning your outdoor space into somewhere special for the whole family to enjoy.

Our five most inspiring outdoor living projects

Written by Gripsure | 3rd July 2017

Outdoor living  

When it comes to our gardens, most of us have to settle for somewhere to enjoy the odd sunny day and nurture a few plants. But sometimes it’s good to think big so here are some of the most amazing and inspiring outdoor living projects around.

Bring out the best in your decking this summer

Written by Gripsure | 24th May 2017

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Now that you’ve installed your decking, how can you make it look even better? Our tips show you how, with just a little effort, you can bring out the best in your decking.

Five free outdoor activities for kids this spring

Written by Gripsure | 7th March 2017

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With Spring come longer days and at Gripsure we think that means one thing – more time to enjoy your garden. This is especially good news if you have children. Playing outside has so many benefits for young bodies and minds, from getting exercise to learning about nature. As the UK’s leading creators of non slip decking, we are great believers in helping people enjoy their garden all year round, so here are our top free outdoor activities for kids this spring.

What are the top garden trends for 2017?

Written by Gripsure | 7th December 2016

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Spending time at trade shows, reading industry magazines and, of course, visiting gardens, helps the Gripsure team keep up to date with the latest in outdoor living and garden design. Here are our insights into 2017’s garden trends.

At Gripsure we’re on a mission to get people outside enjoying their garden all year round. Although we love every season, there is something very special about autumn. Here are five reasons why we think autumn is a great time of year for outdoor living.