People often look at non-slip timber decking and think “what a simple product”, and to a certain extent, they are right. Applying resin into timber decking then dressing with aggregate is a relatively straightforward, quick process. It is everything else that happens behind the scenes that takes the time and helps us maintain our position as the UK’s leading non slip decking company.

Health and safety: our number one priority

The number one priority at Gripsure is health and safety. Quite simply, if our guys can’t make and despatch the product safely, or they go home in a worse state of health than when they came in, we would rather not make the product.  For that reason, we have a comprehensive health and safety manual, and everyone is encouraged to take ownership of health and safety with monthly and quarterly meetings. To help ensure we are doing everything we can to manage health and safety, all of our production staff undergo yearly health surveillance.

Quality control: ensuring every decking board is the best it can be

At Gripsure we have stringent quality control procedures. We carry out regular quality inspections on the raw materials we are using and check the condition and moisture content of the timber decking before it goes through our production facility. We then conduct a post-production quality inspection on every board. That is why we know that every board that leaves our factory is the best it can be. But don’t just take out word for it. We have achieved two independent industry accreditations from the Timber Decking and Cladding Association - DeckMark and DeckMark Plus.

Customer service: ensuring you get first class service

Everyone here at Gripsure is driven to deliver outstanding customer service. Our office team works incredibly hard to manage and process our orders and ensure total customer satisfaction. Regardless of size or value, all Gripsure orders are treated with the same urgency and importance. We pride ourselves on being a pleasure to deal with and on being responsive so we can get your non slip decking boards to you as quickly as possible. Every morning we check the pallet distribution networks to make sure deliveries will be made as required. We follow up on all orders to see if there is any way we can improve our service. You can read our customer service promise here.

Creating innovative new slip resistant decking

We are really passionate about pushing the boundaries and testing new ideas. Gripsure has an in-house R&D department (or Q branch) where we develop new products to meet customers’ specific requirements, test new resins and aggregates, and continually improve the quality and efficiency of our manufacturing process. Before releasing any new products into the market we test their durability and performance to ensure they are fit for purpose and meet the high expectations of our customers.

A commitment to the environment

Being an environmentally aware, and responsible company Gripsure is FSC® certified license number C109573 to help us ensure our timber products are responsibly and sustainably sourced. Our management system was developed in house and is constantly being developed and changed to grow with us.

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