Now that you’ve installed your decking, how can you make it look even better? Our tips show you how, with just a little effort, you can bring out the best in your decking.

Planting for your decking – all year round

We know that many people choose decking because it gives you the ultimate low-maintenance garden. But that probably doesn’t mean you don’t want any plants. Flowers and foliage not only soften a deck’s hard lines and connect it with the rest of your garden but also attract wildlife. Planting around your dining area can also provide some shelter as well as creating a really tranquil space.

At Gripsure we are passionate about people enjoying their gardens all year round and our non slip decking means you can get out even when it’s wet underfoot. So, if you share our enthusiasm then consider evergreen plants that will give year-round interest, or a range of pots so there is always something in flower.

Furniture to create an outdoor living space

Perhaps the most common reason for installing decking is to create an outdoor dining space. It is worth spending a bit of time researching different kinds of furniture and considering what would sit best with your decking. Whatever your style – traditional, contemporary or quirky – there will be something to suit your taste. Perhaps you need a large table and long benches to host barbecues and outdoor gatherings or just need a couple of comfortable chairs to create a quiet space for you and your partner to relax with drinks. The Homebase website has a great guide to the 10 garden furniture trends for 2017, which should give you some inspiration. 

Accentuate your decking with lighting

One of the best things about having a deck is having a space to unwind in the evenings. Despite the longer summer days, you will need lighting if you want to stay out after dark. Not only is it important for safety, lighting can create a mood and accentuate your decking. Deck lights that fit into your decking, like these here from Screwfix, give a smart and contemporary finish. Outdoor fairy lights can create a really magical look and feel to a garden deck. There are lots of great ideas here on Houzz.

If you are concerned about your electricity bills, as well as the environment, there are now many outdoor solar lights available. These lovely carnival festoons from Lights4Fun would make every al fresco meal feel like a little party. 

What about hot tubs or water features?

Now that your decking is complete you might want to add a water feature or get that hot tub you have always wanted. Bringing water onto your decking might sound like an odd thing to do. After all, we all know how slippery timber decking can get. With Gripsure anti slip decking you know that won’t be a problem. Gripsure Aquadeck is the perfect option for using around a hot tub. Not only does it come in a range of colours, it soaks up water into the ground beneath and is soft to walk on, so perfect if you’re barefoot. Look how the award-winning Titanic Spa used Aquadeck around its outdoor hot tub. You could create a space for relaxation in your own garden. 

Finishing decking with screens and railings

In most gardens decking is raised from the rest of the space. This means it offers a very practical solution for creating a flat outdoor living area if your garden is on a slope. Having a raised deck can cause safety issues though, especially if you have children, so we would recommend installing railings. You may also want to consider screens to provide privacy or to create discreet areas within your garden. 

It is worth investing some time to find screens and railings that complement your decking and help you achieve the look and feel you want for your garden.  Steel and glass work well for a sharp, contemporary space, but you may want to stick with timber to enhance the natural look of your timber decking. For something more unusual, Screen with Envy makes really beautiful screens that are ornate but contemporary. 

With summer just around the corner and more exciting garden products coming onto the market all the time, there has never been a better time to make your decking look its best.

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