At Gripsure we are passionate about outdoor living and keep a close eye on garden trends. So, here’s a look ahead to how we think people will design and use their gardens next year. 

  1. Outdoor dining all year round

By September, most of our barbecues are banished to the back of the shed, along with the garden furniture.  At Gripsure we would love to see more people enjoying their gardens all year round. In other countries – especially the US – winter barbecues are really popular. After all, what could be better on a cold day than sitting around a roaring fire with family or friends? While barbecuing through rain and storms would be a push for most of us, a cold crisp winter’s day is perfect for outdoor cooking and dining.

We are not very adventurous with barbecues in this country – most of us stick with the familiar sausages and burgers. But with a bit of research you can find some fantastic recipes. Fellow Cornwall firm, Macs BBQ makes really high quality barbecues and smokers and has some delicious sounding recipes here.

So, why not break the mould and keep the barbecue out over the winter? Make a jug of mulled wine, string up some outdoor fairy lights (Solar Centre has some lovely eco-friendly ones here) and you could even throw an outdoor Christmas party! 

  1. Keeping it real with natural landscaping

We are noticing a real shift in preferences around landscaping materials. Increasingly, people want a natural look and feel for their gardens. That means less concrete and plastic and more beautiful, natural timber. If you share our passion for timber, this might be the year to rethink your landscaping and fencing. What materials will best show off your plants and create the ambience you want for your garden?

 Timber decking is going through a renaissance and high quality decking today is a far cry from most of the decking that we saw on TV garden makeover shows the 1990s. Decking got a bad name for itself but things have moved on a lot in recent years and the best quality decking today is hard wearing and sustainable. Our Managing Director, Mike Nicholson, talks about that in this blog. Perhaps you have decided against decking because it is notoriously slippery. Opting for a non slip decking means you can achieve the natural, contemporary look of a timber deck without compromising on safety. Gripsure makes a range of timber non slip decking and our version for homeowners is available through Homebase.

  1. Rewilding our flower beds

The natural theme continues from landscaping into planting. ‘Rewilding’ is a buzz word in garden design at the moment. It represents a move away from perfectly tended flower beds towards more natural planting. For some, it could mean completely leaving an area of the garden to go wild. For others, it might just mean relaxing a bit and perhaps not rushing to prune that plant or dig out every ‘weed’. Less gardening means more quality time to enjoy our gardens – whether that is relaxing with your morning coffee and a good book and tearing around with your children after school.

  1. Clever use of small gardens – no more boring balconies

The reality is that most of us do not have huge gardens. Some of us have to settle for a small courtyard, or just a balcony. Fortunately, companies are now catching up and offering some really exciting products that are perfect for small spaces. Vertical planting is probably something we will hear more about in 2018 – this is a great way to get more greenery into a small space by simply planting upwards.

Gripsure decking tiles are a great option when space is limited. And because they don’t need a subframe, they are light enough for the average roof terrace or balcony. This small roof terrace is a great example of what can be achieved.

We will look forward to seeing what clever new ideas come onto the market for small gardens and balconies in 2018. For more tips on making the most of a small garden, read our recent blog.

  1. More individual garden colour schemes

The key garden design trend now is that there is no single style that is in vogue. Our gardens can be a celebration of our own individual style. Whether you are looking at planting, landscaping, furniture, lighting or accessories, there is so much choice now. Perhaps 2018 will see more people being braver when it comes to choosing colour schemes for their gardens. We have some ideas for injecting colour into your garden here.

According to colour experts, Pantone, 2018 is going to be very bright. Its 2018 colour trend report features a bold colour palette ranging from cherry tomato to lime punch. The report also shows that classic colour will remain in vogue, with greys and neutral tones continuing to be popular. It will be interesting to see if these colours start cropping up in gardens too. We are certainly prepared at Gripsure. Our latest product, Gripsure Aquadeck, comes in a rainbow of colours, including teal, gold and violet and is a great choice for achieving a contemporary looking outdoor living space.

Of course trends come and go, but we hope that 2018 will be a year when we all make more of our gardens.

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