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Ramsbury Primary School - Rain Garden

The permeable non slip bridge runs over the stormwater overflow pipe A close up of the Rain Garden A view of the whole garden and rainwater system
The permeable non slip bridge runs over the stormwater overflow pipe
The permeable non slip bridge runs over the stormwater overflow pipe

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Wendy Allen Designs

Ramsbury Primary School's Rain Garden was designed by Wendy Allen Designs and Funded by ARK Action for the River Kennet. The purpose of the new Rain garden is to slow the flow of rainwater, improve stormwater infiltration, and reduce sediment runoff into the River Kennet.

A new downpipe from the Schools roof is sealed at the base so that it fills with rainwater. Like a 'Torricelli tube', water then squirts out of three holes in different size arcs. 

When full, this overflows to a second downpipe which turns a waterwheel feature and outflow into stormwater planters, made from galvanised cattle troughs. 

The stormwater planters are filled with plants that can tolerate short periods of waterlogging as well as drought. Each stormwater planter slowly drains (or overflows) to an underground pipe leading to the Rain Garden. 

Above the underground pipe, a dry chalk-stream symbolises the River Kennet and features both chalk aggregate and hazel faggots/chestnut posts, traditionally used to extend or reinforce river banks. The new bridge is made from donated boards of Gripsure Aquadeck® an innovative non slip decking board that is SuDs compliant and allows rainwater to drain through the board back into the watercourse below. 

The Rain Garden is situated five meters from the building at the lowest point of the garden and allows rainwater to slowly infiltrate into the soil.

What is a Rain Garden?

Rainwater run-off from buildings and hard surfaces has traditionally been directed to road drains and sewers, where it can overwhelm drainage systems and cause pollution and flash flooding.

Rain Gardens slow the flow of rainwater, improve stormwater infiltration as well as reducing sediment and pollutant runoff into Rivers. A Rain Garden is a small step everyone can take to keep rivers healthy.

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