Cutting instructions

Our boards are made to be durable and with a tough finish, that’s why our customers love them. And by following our recommended cutting instructions, you will save time and money, along with a lovely neat finish. Remember – all cuts and screw holes should be finished with preservative treatment, see our accessories.

Lots of cutting to do?

Use a Stehle 250mm x 30mm bore Z=16 2.2mm width polycrystalline diamond disk blade

Benefits of the Stehle blade

Cuts through aggregate and timber board

Good for over 1,000 cuts

No need to keep changing blades

No need for an angle grinder


Stehle blades are available to buy from the Gripsure shop for £120+VAT

Please note: all cut ends, notches and drill holes need to be treated with an end grain preservative we recommend Ensele™  

Only a few cuts to make?

Watch our detailed cutting video or refer to our simple step by step instructions below

Step 1: mark the board where you would like to cut


Step 2: using a hand-held abrasive wheel, score through the aggregate, just to the level of the timber


Step 3: finish the cut with a conventional chop saw or hand-held saw blade

Cutting blades and bundles

Stehle blades are available from Gripsure as well as cutting bundles which have everything you need to cut, treat and fix your non slip decking in place. Available from our online shop now.