Installing & looking after your non-slip decking

For a sustainable, reliable and adaptable deck you can’t look any further than Gripsure non-slip decking. When installing your decking ensure the deck is protected from the elements with foliage cover so artificial weather barriers aren’t needed, however position the decking so as to minimise leaf litter deposits on the surface. 


Top Tips:

Allow for a suitable drainage gap – for seasonality expansion – 3-6mm should be fine. We recommend leaving a 10mm gap around the edge of your decked area to allow for expansion especially if the decking leads to a wall. A 5mm gap is recommended above the deck surface if cladding is used above the decked area. 

 If the decked area is thin and narrow lay the boards across the short edge, so end-to-end butting doesn’t cause a trip hazard.

 Boards placed at right angles to the home or building draws the eye away from the deck and into the empty space, whereas boards placed parallel to the wall emphasise the width of the decking. Look into any additional features that can make the space interesting- a fire pit with built-in seating around creates a great decked area.

Gripsure guides

Help and information can be found in our free guides below created to help you with planning, installing and looking after your non-slip decking.

Design & installation guide

More advise and information can be found in our free Design and Installation Guide created to help you with planning and installing your decking available here

Decking safety checklist

We also have a handy Decking Safety Checklist with technical information and tips to assist you with planning your decking project. Download our Decking Safety Checklist here.

Aftercare & maintenance

Gripsure non slip decking is very low maintenance. The non-slip finish requires no up keep to maintain its slip resistance it just keeps on working. If you would like to re-fresh the look of your deck we recommend cleaning your decking every 12 months to keep it looking clean. The timber boards can be painted or stained if desired this will have no effect on the non slip inserts.