Safety without compromise

Gripsure have introduced a revolutionary performance warranty for their non slip decking range. You can now be assured your decking will retain its non slip performance for 10 years, guaranteeing you complete peace of mind. No other company offers this level of performance warranty.

Some decking products will give you an initial slip resistance i.e. what they achieve on day one, before they are even laid.  But at Gripsure we think this is irrelevant. Having invested in our product, we think you should have peace of mind for the future. What you really need to know is “how long will my decking remain non slip and to what extent?”

The aim of this warranty is to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of how well the decking will perform, and what that means in practice.

Slip resistance explained

There is a British Standard (BS7976) that uses a pendulum test to measure the slip resistance of a pedestrian surface (pendulum test value - PTV).

The UK Slip Resistance Group have then taken these figures and issued a guideline as how these results are practically interpreted i.e. how safe is a decking board when it achieves a certain PTV rating.  A value greater than 65 is defined as an “extremely low” potential for a slip.

Using our extensive experience of over ten years manufacturing non slip timber decking boards, Gripsure can guarantee the level of performance you will get from your product.

Gripsure product PTV guideline:

Product name

Initial Slip
Resistance (PTV)

10 year (PTV)

Pro Classic



Pro Castellated



Pro Contemporary



Gripsure Hardwood



Boardwalk Heritage



Boardwalk Urban



Gripsure Accoya




The current PTV guidelines:
PTV value Potential for slip
00 to 24 High
25 to 35 Moderate
36 to 65 Low
65+ Extremely low

How to register your Gripsure 10-year performance warranty

You must register your warranty with us eight weeks from the date of delivery (in the event of multiple deliveries from the date of the first date of delivery), by emailing with the following text:

Subject:  Gripsure 10-year warranty

Message: We, enter company name or personal name here, are registering our Gripsure 10-year performance warranty for enter product name & invoice number here, covering decking installed at the following location enter full postal address here. We have read, understood and agreed with the terms and conditions of the Gripsure 10-year performance warranty.

We will then confirm receipt of the email and issue you with an electronic version of your warranty certificate.

How to make a claim

In the first instance, contact our office – have a copy of your warranty certificate details to hand, along with any photographs and a brief description of the claim.

 The office will ask you to forward the photos and your warranty details to

 Gripsure will then make arrangements with you to visit site prior to the pendulum testing being undertaken.

 A suitable date will then be set to undertake the pendulum tests to establish the PTV results of the decking.

A copy of our 10 year non slip performance warranty and the full terms and conditions are available to download here