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Product summary Technical specification


Durable and hard wearing and with a 25+ year expected in service life these boards are ideal for any application where durability is required.  

A thick deck board profile available with a smooth or grooved finish.

Boards made from Ekki hardwood timber

10 year non slip performance warranty

Finished size of profile: Available at 145mm x 45mm

Lengths: Available on request (standard 2 - 4.5M)

Finish: Two non slip aggregate strips as standard or call to discuss specific requirements

Uses: Commercial decking areas, balconies, ramps, bridges, platforms, steps and jetties


Technical specification

10-year non-slip performance warranty:
Gripsure Hardwood decking comes with a 10-year non-slip guarantee, so when it comes to eliminating the risk of accidents, you can rely on Gripsure to out perform other products 
guaranteed. Initial slip resistance PTV of 85 guaranteed slip resistance after 10 years PTV 55. As measured under BS7976 using the pendulum test (recommended by the HSE) and the guidelines from the UK Slip Resistance Group. 
Gripsure non slip decking boards are extremely durable for all pedestrian applications. Ekki is classified within BS EN 350-2 Class 2 Durable. The bauxite aggregate is extremely abrasion resistant, achieving a value of 1.1 on the MOHS scale.
Joist centres are recommended to be between 350-400mm, providing the uniform distributed load is 4.0kN/m2 and the joists are graded at C16.
Gripsure have achieved certification under FSC and has been audited and found to meet the requirements of standards FSC- STD-50-001 (Version 1.2) EN and FSC-STD-40-004 (Version 2.1) EN for FSC Chain of Custody Certification. Certificate number: TT-COC-003864 License number: FSC-C109573.
A natural timber finish that will weather to a natural silver colour.
6.7 linear metres per m2
Gripsure’s decking is supplied with tolerances of up to +/- 2mm over the width and depth, and up to +25mm on the length. Precision cross-cutting of lengths is available on request, giving a length tolerance of +/- 1mm. Tolerances for the non slip inserts are +/-2mm for width and height.
Gripsure recommends pre-drilling hardwood decking boards and using Spax stainless steel decking screws to fix boards in place.

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