Gripsure Bamboo


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Gripsure Bamboo

Bamboo decking is an attractive alternative to tropical hardwoods and composite products. The boards are extremely stable, achieve class 1 durability, a B fire rating against BS EN 13501 and have an expected service life of 35+ years. Gripsure Bamboo is available in 2 colour options dark brown or medium brown. The deck board profile is reeded with tongue and groove ends. Gripsure Bamboo decking is available with or without the Gripsure non-slip infills and a hidden fixing system can be used to install the decking.

Made from high-quality Moso bamboo

10-year non-slip performance warranty

Available as blank boards or with a choice of grey or black non-slip strips

Boards are available in dark brown or medium brown

Size of profile: 137mm x 20mm

Lengths: 1.85m

Finish: Available with two non-slip aggregate strips

Uses: Commercial decks, access ramps, pedestrian areas, hotels, restaurants, balconies and roof gardens

Lead time: Available on request

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Technical specification

Product Information
Gripsure Bamboo decking is made using Moso bamboo, the boards are extremely stable, achieve class 1 durability, a B fire rating against BS EN 13501 and have an expected service life of 35+ years.

The giant Bamboo species Moso, grows faster than any other plant in the world, so can be harvested every 4-5 years. In sustainable bamboo forests, the bamboo plant contains several poles and new shoots grow from the mother plant each year. Generally, 20-25% of poles can be harvested each year, without killing the mother plant and also makes way for the new shoots to grow. Timber species commonly used for decking take 60-100 years to grow before being harvested therefore 15-25 bamboo harvests can be achieved in the same period.

As Bamboo is a grass, chain of custody certification isn’t essential, however, the boards can be supplied with FSC accreditation on request.

The boards are manufactured using a patented heat treatment process at 200 degrees. The bamboo bark is removed, leaving bamboo strips which are first dried and cut to size. The strips are then heat pressed and glued into moulds which leaves the finished profile.

Dimensions - 137mm x 20mm, 1840mm lengths with a T&G system to achieve seamless installations at any length.

Available in dark brown or light brown and smooth or ribbed profile.

Non-slip Aggregate Inserts
The boards are available with and without non-slip inserts. With two non-slip inserts, the deck boards will achieve an initial PTV of 85 in wet conditions and a guaranteed PTV of 55 in wet conditions over ten years. 

The recommended joist spans are 400mm. The boards are supplied in 1860mm lengths with a tongue and groove on each end of the boards. As the boards are extremely stable with minimal movement, the boards can simply be clicked in place to leave a seamless finish of any length.

The Bamboo boards are supplied with side grooves, so a secret fix system can be used. Deck clips are then screwed into the joists underneath, with the clip sitting in the side groove to secure the board in place. Bamboo joists are also available so the whole system has the same expected service life and are more economic than composite and aluminium joist systems. Adjustable pedestal systems can be used for concrete balconies which sit on absorption pads.

Like timber, when exposed to UV rays from the Sun, bamboo will weather over time to an attractive silvery grey colour.

Like most timber and composite boards, Bamboo requires an annual clean to keep the boards free of excessive dirt and debris. An oil can be added to the board to bring the original colour of the bamboo back if required. We would suggest leaving the boards to weather naturally, otherwise you will have an additional ongoing maintenance regime which is not necessarily required.

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