Gripsure Thermowood Ash


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Gripsure Thermowood Ash

Gripsure Thermowood Ash is an attractive and versatile non-slip decking solution with increased stability and durability giving an expected in-service life of 25+ years. The deck board profile is reeded and compatible with hidden fixing systems making it suitable for a variety of applications. Gripsure Thermowood Ash can be treated to achieve a Euroclass B fire rating against BS EN 11925-2.

10-year non-slip performance warranty

Size of profile: 142mm x 22mm

Lengths: 1.8m – 4.8m

Finish: Available with two non-slip aggregate strips

Uses: Commercial decks, access ramps, pedestrian areas, hotels, restaurants, balconies and roof gardens

Lead time: 48 hours

Technical specification

Product Information
Thermowood is a thermal modification procedure that changes the properties of the timber, to make it resistant to rot and decay without the use of chemicals, stable providing minimal movement and darker in colour. The Ash boards are placed inside a kiln and the thermowood method involves a carefully controlled computer-based heat and steam process reaching temperatures in excess of 200 degrees. The thermowood process gives the boards an expected service life of 25+ years.

The Thermowood Ash deck boards can be sent to an external fire treatment company to achieve a Euroclass B rating against BS EN 11925-2.

Dimensions - 22x142mm, smooth profile. Length spec – 1800 – 4800mm

Non-slip Aggregate Inserts

The boards are available with and without non-slip inserts. With two non-slip inserts, the deck boards will achieve an initial PTV of 85 in wet conditions and a guaranteed PTV of 55 in wet conditions over ten years.

The recommended joist spans are 400mm. Thermowood Ash can either be face fixed or a secret fix system can be used. When face fixing, stainless steel deck screws need to be used and the boards need to be pre-drilled to avoid splitting the boards.

Thermowood Ash boards are available with side grooves so a secret fix system can be used. Deck clips are then screwed into the joists underneath, with the clip sitting in the side groove to secure the board in place. Adjustable pedestal systems can be used for concrete balconies which sit on absorption pads.

All natural timbers exposed to UV rays from the Sun will weather over time to an attractive silvery grey colour.

Like most timber and composite boards, Thermowood Ash requires an annual clean to keep the boards free of excessive dirt and debris. No additional treatment is required.

Case studies

Kennet Island

Gripsure anti slip infill inserted into Thermawood Ash deckboards for a large commercial project.

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