Pro Premier

zoom Angled view of Gripsure Pro Premier with two non slip strips
Angled view of Gripsure Pro Premier with two non slip strips Profile view showing the detail of the decking grooves and anti slip strips Above view of Gripsure Pro Premier with two anti slip strips

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Product summary Technical specification

Pro Premier

A traditional timber decking board profile available with two or three non-slip strips that deliver a high slip resistance. The thicker profile of this board means you can span further distances. Treated to use class 4, and visually graded to a minimum of C16 strength grade, this is an ideal choice for high profile projects where safety is paramount.

Nominal size of profile: ex.150mm x 38mm

Finished size of profile: 145mm x 32mm

Lengths: 2.4m - 5.1m

Finish: available with two or three non-slip aggregate strips

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Technical specification

Slip resistance:
Gripsure Pro Premier decking profile using two inserts will achieve a minimum PTV value of 94 (pendulum test value) Gripsure Pro Premier decking using three inserts will achieve a minimum PTV value of 100. Gripsure non slip decking has been independently tested using the pendulum test (the operation and calibration of which are described in BS7976:2002 parts 1 and 3) operated to the United Kingdom Slip Resistance Group (UKSRG).
Aggregate inserts:
Gripsure Pro Premier decking uses a 0.5mm - 1.4mm double washed and screened Guyanan Calcined Bauxite grey colour with a minimum PSV (polished stone value) of 70.
Timber board:
Gripsure Pro Premier uses slow grown Northern European fifths grade redwood. Growth rings will be seen to be closer together when compared with home grown or faster grown products. The close grain offers excellent working properties for machining to profile and is much less liable to splitting or cracking. In addition, the moisture content and cell structure of redwood allows for better penetration of preservative treatment.
Gripsure Pro Premier is supplied with FSC® timber – Certificate No TT-COC-003864.
Gripsure Pro Premier board profile dimensions are ex 150mm width x 38mm depth, giving a finished product profile of approx 145mm x 32mm. Standard lengths available are 2.4m to 5.1m. A bespoke cutting service is available for any lengths. Gripsure Pro Premier is vacuum/pressure treated to meet the requirements of Use Class 4 (BS EN 335), and visually graded to a minimum of C16, which gives 25 year in service life.
Gripsure Pro Premier is a low maintenance product, no further preservative treatment is necessary. The green/brown colour finish will fade over time to a lighter sun bleached finish.
Gripsure Pro Premier can be stained or painted, or water repellant sealant can be applied every 12 months to give extra protection to the timber.
Gripsure Pro Premier is pressure washable it is recommended to remove dirt and mould build up across the surface of the board and inserts every 12 months, using a 150bar water pressure washer with fan nozzle at a minimum distance of 150mm.
Cross cut Components:
Any cuts, notches or drill holes to Gripsure Pro Premier decking during construction must be treated with end-grain preservative to maintain the integrity of the timber treatment, and the 25 year in service life.

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