Where can I use timber decking?

Timber garden furniture with colourful furnishings on non-slip hardwood deck in summer

The list of uses for decking is almost endless but here are some of the main reasons for selecting decking to showcase how it could work for you.

I get asked whether timber decking is a viable option for a wide range of different projects and the overarching answer is ‘yes’. Decking is a great product in its flexibility and potential to create a fantastic outside area, whether in your own back garden or a major tourist attraction. The list of uses for decking is almost endless but here are some of the main reasons for selecting decking to showcase how it could work for you.

Use timber decking to create a natural appearance in your garden

Timber decking offers a natural appearance which can be incorporated into your design to give a very natural finish to your outside space. One of my favourite examples is this woodland cabin. For this project the contractor was tasked with constructing a wooden cabin featuring an outside space in a wooded area. To help blend the design into the surrounding landscape, natural materials were selected. The deck was also constructed to allow some of the natural foliage to come through and break up the area. Timber decking can be machined to a wide range of different finishes to fit with your design. You have the choice of a smooth or grooved board, or a specific width or thickness. This flexibility gives you the freedom to design an area to suit you, without worrying if the decking will fit.

Flexible and easy to install, even on balconies

Decking is not only quick and easy to install but also incredibly flexible in the designs it allows you to create. A project that shows just how flexible decking can be is Berkeley Homes’ Royal Arsenal complex in Woolwich. This £3.5million residential project has over 200 balconies, each varying in size and design. Gripsure timber decking provided an ideal option as boards could be quickly cut down to the correct length for each balcony before being installed. As well as cutting to length you can shape the boards to fit any design, even if this involves curves, which means that decking truly does fit with any design with a minimal amount of work.

An environmentally friendly material for any project

The designer of The Dunes and Lumelys, which features two eco-houses, opted to use decking to frame the outside of the houses. The designer’s vision required environmentally friendly products throughout. Decking manufactured with FSC-certified timber from sustainably managed forests provided the answer.

Why choose anti-slip timber decking?

In all of these examples the decking in question was non-slip. While the designer of each project had their own reasons for choosing Gripsure anti-slip decking, the overriding concern was safety. As I’m sure you have experienced, traditional decking gets extremely slippery in wet conditions. This is a particular issue if it is not cleaned regularly. Gripsure anti-slip decking will ensure that your decking looks good, while also giving you a safe area to use in any conditions.

Looking for some inspiration?

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