Gripsure boosts performance warranty on non-slip decking to 15 years

Gripsure 15 years performance warranty logo

We're excited to announce we now offer our customers a 15-year performance warranty on our non-slip decking.

First manufactured in 2005, we are one of the most popular decking suppliers in Europe. Handcrafted by our team in Cornwall, we have years of expertise in designing decking boards that can guarantee non-slip performance. We are so confident in this pledge that we have recently boosted our warranty from 10 to 15 years. If you’ve been considering installing garden decking, here are some of the reasons to consider non-slip over anything else.

A thorn in the side

After putting the graft into your garden to extend your home and create a relaxing outdoor space in the summer, it is a shame that many become inhospitable once winter arrives. With rain falling on average 156 days a year in the UK, it’s easy for lawns to become waterlogged or muddy.

For many, the logical solution is to install a decking area that creates space to be enjoyed all year round. However, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. You don’t have to tiptoe your way across a sludgy lawn anymore, but you do have to contend with slippery garden decking.

January puts deck users at the greatest risk of accident reaching ‘peak slippiness’ due to a combination of contributing factors. It’s because of this that we renamed 29 January 2022 ‘Slippery Decking Day 2022’.

The benefits of non-slip decking

Many are sold the mistruth that their non-slip decking will last. However, after the initial slip resistance wears off, where does your investment stand for the future? With any decking that promises anti-slip properties there is only one question you should be asking: “how long will my decking really remain non-slip?”

With the knowledge that Gripsure’s performance warranty guarantees non-slip qualities for 15 years, you can focus on the benefits of having anti-slip decking rather than the slippery grievances.

Putting the performance warranty to the test

With the ethos that gardens should be enjoyed all year round and not just within the summer months, we have our products rigorously tested to ensure their safety. Gripsure non-slip decking is tested using the pendulum test according to the UK Slip Resistance Group’s (UKSRG) guidelines. A score of 65 out of 100 is required for a non-slip surface to achieve a slip potential of ‘extremely low risk of slipping’. As well as this, the Health and Safety Executive gives three categories of risk for Pendulum Test Values (PTV) to measure up against.

All Gripsure’s decking achieves the extremely low risk of slipping category, and you can see how our PTV scores faired against the scores of an average dry and wet PTV here. Our performance warranty lets you, our customers, know that we are confident in how our decking will perform so that you can feel confident in choosing us.

For the ultimate peace of mind

For safety without compromise, choose Gripsure. Find out more information about our warranty and how to register.