Bamboo decking: the sustainable non-slip choice for your garden

Bamboo forest - Arashiyama district in Kyoto Japan

If you’re looking to make garden improvements that aren’t at the expense of the world’s forests, bamboo decking is the answer.

Bamboo decking is a great, sustainable choice for your garden. It’s got just as many qualities as both softwood and hardwood decking. More people are looking to make sustainable choices as they consider their impact on the planet. You don’t need to settle for composite decking and suffer in slippery silence. If you’re looking to make improvements that aren’t at the expense of the world’s forests, bamboo decking is the answer.

But what exactly is it about bamboo that makes it so good for garden decking?

Just how sustainable is it?

Technically, bamboo is not a tree. It’s a type of grass. There are over 1600 different types of it on the planet. These can often be found in tropical, sub-tropical and mild climates. Depending on the variety, bamboo is native to Asia, Africa, South America, and parts of Australia. Just like hardwood and softwood, there are different ways you can categorise bamboo with each having its own traits.

Bamboo is also renowned for its incredible rate of growth. The Moso species of bamboo, for example, can grow up to one metre every day. Native to Asia, it can reach a maximum growth height of up to 20 metres.
Compared to most trees, bamboo can also release 35% more oxygen and absorb five times more CO2. This can help to offset the carbon output of the world to reduce the effects of climate change.

Moso bamboo has an underground system of roots that can connect a whole host of other bamboo plants. When one strand of bamboo is cut down, it will quickly grow back on its own. This reduces the demand on the farmers as its fast replenishing not fast depleting.

Bamboo is also naturally pest-resistant thanks to its tough outer layer which means there is no need to use harmful chemical pesticides.

Moso bamboo decking

Whilst bamboo doesn’t look as robust as a typical hardwood tree, it actually has a strength level higher than steel. This durable, strong material sees uses within the construction industry and is often used to make floors, furniture and even helmets.

Aside from that, it can be eaten, turned into clothing, used for your garden decking and more. Whilst hardwoods typically take 50 years to mature, Moso bamboo matures in just four to five.

Look at it like this. Bamboo decking has an expected service life of between 30 and 50 years. During this lifetime, the same bamboo used to make your decking has already regrown itself five-plus times.

Whilst the cost of bamboo decking is higher than both softwood and hardwood decking, it’s more durable, it lasts longer and it’s kinder to the planet. It has all of the elements and aesthetics of hardwood. One just comes from a tree and the other from grass.

If you’re looking for a long-term, sustainable decking solution for your garden, then bamboo is worth the investment.

MOSO® Bamboo with Gripsure

MOSO® are a global brand supplier of both interior and exterior bamboo products. Their decking takes the bamboo and puts it through a process of Thermo-Density®. This increases the density and hardness significantly. By this point, the bamboo has all the same qualities as hardwood decking. This makes it an ideal solution to finding the most sustainable decking.

With the addition of Gripsure’s non-slip inserts it also becomes safe non-slip decking allowing you to enjoy your garden all year round.

MOSO® are also focused on sustainability and so all their bamboo products are CO2 negative throughout their lifespan. This makes them a great sustainable decking alternative to tropical hardwoods and composite products.

This decking has a long life span and requires little upkeep. It will start with a dark brown look that can be maintained with oil or you can let it turn to a rich silver grey. The surface can be smooth or grooved with no visible fastening points making for a streamlined look. MOSO® Bamboo non slip decking is also extremely stable so won’t shrink, swell, warp or split.

If you’re conscious of leading a zero-waste lifestyle, bamboo in the wild can naturally be broken down and left to decompose. So, once your decking reaches the end of its lifespan, it is easily recycled. It can be turned into chipboard or burnt to generate energy. This contributes towards the production of green electricity—all thanks to your well-loved garden decking.

At Gripsure we are all for responsible forestry, so our bamboo products are FSC® certified. Whilst bamboo’s fast-growing nature doesn’t cause forest depletion, we certify our bamboo decking nonetheless.

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As exclusive distributors of MOSO® Bamboo decking, Gripsure is confident in its benefits towards sustainability. This highly stable decking is durable, safe, and fire-resistant. MOSO® also has a 25-year warranty on its outdoor decking. So, you can relax in your garden knowing you made a sustainable decision to enjoy for years to come. Browse our bamboo decking range or get in touch with us today.