Making the most of your garden decking in the autumn evenings

Making the most of your garden decking in the autumn evenings

Darker and cooler autumnal evenings need not put you off using your decking - making the most of your garden decking into the evening can help to create an extension of your home. If you think about it, there (probably) aren’t rooms in your house that are unusable at certain times. So why should your outside space be any different?

As we head into autumn, the days are getting shorter. Making comfortable additions to your decking area will encourage you to spend more time outside, even if it gets a little darker or chillier. Whether it’s investing in garden furniture or non-slip decking, we’ve come up with some ideas to inspire you. Here’s how to make the most of your garden decking into the autumn evenings.


The most important part of being able to make the most of your decking, particularly in the colder months, is maintenance. Over the summer, most garden decking sees heavy use. While you should maintain your deck throughout the warmer months, it’s even more important to do so during winter. When the deck gets wet and cold, a build-up of moss or algae can line the surface. This is a deadly combination and makes for a very slippery surface.

While Gripsure’s non-slip decking is very low maintenance, it will still benefit from regular brushing with a stiff broom. Pressure washing your decking once a year is recommended. This will remove the dirt or algae which heightens the risk of slipping. Gripsure decking stays safe even with a build-up of moss and algae, but we would always recommend a thorough, annual clean. This will also refresh the deck’s appearance after a long summer, so you can enjoy it in the autumnal evenings.

If you’d like to keep your deck looking its best even into winter, consider oiling or staining your decking boards. This will prevent water from getting into the timber and rotting your decking boards.

Garden furniture and furnishings

To make the most of your decking into the autumn evenings, there are a few things you will need to think about. When it comes to choosing garden furniture, you need something that can withstand rain and cold temperatures. Your garden furniture should be made of hardy, weather-resistant materials. Stainless steel, wooden crates or rattan are all good options. When it comes to fabric and furnishings, make a note of whether they’re described as ‘outdoors’. It’s likely these will be treated for several things to make them resistant to UV, water, or stains. For the most part, it may be best to keep these in a garden storage container when they’re not in use. This will ensure they stay in good condition for longer.

It’s important to note that to minimise damage to your non-slip decking, use rubber feet for any garden furniture.

Warm blankets, cushions and throws can also help to increase the cosy factor by bringing the indoors outdoors. Choosing colours and fabrics that are bright and welcoming helps to bring colour to even the darkest evening.


With the evenings getting darker earlier as we head into autumn and winter — lighting is crucial. Even in summer, good lighting in the garden can help you make the most of your decking for longer. As with your furnishings, make sure that any lighting you use is labelled for outdoor use.

If you’re conscious of your electricity spend, there are plenty of gorgeous solar-powered and battery-operated options. Festoon lights could twinkle above your garden decking or pathway lights could guide you safely to and from the house. Wall lights can also be effective for maximum lighting so you can enjoy your garden decking as late as you like.

Whether you’re going for ambience or practicality, the lighting setup you choose will really show off your garden decking. It will also make the area a great space to talk or relax during the evenings.

Outdoor heating

Even in the summer months, if you’re sitting outside, you may feel a slight chill in the evening. When you need a little more than blankets on your garden furniture, outdoor heating can warm things up.There are plenty of options out there for outdoor heating. Most of them are either powered by electricity or gas. For those interested in either of these varieties, there is plenty of choice in what you go for. Overhead gas patio heaters or heat lamps will ensure you, your family or your guests won’t catch a chill.

For those who would prefer to save on gas and electricity you may be wondering if there is another option. Infrared heaters can be much more cost-effective as they emit warming rays toward you. They don’t rely on air to blow the heat around, which isn’t much use in an open space outdoors anyway. However, do monitor the usage if you’re conscious of running costs.

Your other option is getting warmth and light from a fire pit. However, you need to be extremely careful when lighting fires near or on your decking. Make sure you take the right advice and check carefully whether it’s appropriate. Never place a fire or a fire pit directly on your decking. Always ensure it is raised and that there is something between the source and the surface of the deck. Consider investing in a screen to help prevent sparks or embers from travelling, particularly if it’s windy.

Awnings, canopies, and pergolas will all look great while helping to retain the heat from your heaters – again don’t have any of these options too close to a fire or heat source. Depending on your budget, even a trusty garden furniture umbrella will do the job.

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However you intend to enjoy your decking into the autumn evenings and whatever the weather, we hope these tips have helped to inspire. Whether that’s investing in some sturdy garden furniture or non-slip decking for peace of mind.

Our non-slip decking is perfect if you’re concerned about slippery decking into the colder months and evenings.All our products come with a Gripsure guarantee and non-slip warranty of 15 years. If you have any questions or would like more information, get in touch with one of our friendly team.