How to make your existing decking non-slip

Slipping on wet decking

The Importance of Non-slip Decking

If you have existing decking in place and that isn’t purpose-built non-slip decking and you are considering making it safer then there are a few solutions available that can prevent you from forking out for new decking boards.

Although non-slip decking is the most reliable way to avoid slippery decking, other methods can sometimes be almost as effective. In this blog post we’ll explore some of these methods and discuss why you don’t need to resort to covering your beautiful decking in chicken wire.

What makes decking slippery?

Traditional decking that does not have anti-slip or non-slip inserts is a lot more vulnerable to the various factors that make decking slippery and unsafe. Although there may be other causes such as spilt oils and similar substances, the main reason for your decking being slippery are:

  • Rainfall – Standing water after it rains is probably the most common reason why your decking may be slippery. This is less of a problem in the summer months but due to the amount of rainfall we get here in the UK, it tends to be a concern almost year-around.
  • Debris Build-up – As your decking is constantly exposed to the elements, different types of debris can make the surface of your decking slippery. In addition to pesky leaves, algae, moss and mildew build-up can significantly reduce the safety of your decking boards.
  • Cold Weather – It should be no surprise that frost, snow and ice are a major slip hazard for your decking boards, but they can make even the safest decking slippery so it’s important to be weary of decking boards in really cold temperatures.

For more information, please read our guide on what makes decking slippery and how to avoid it.

Tips for making your decking non-slip

In order to make it easier for you to find the right solution to your slippery deck, we’ve outlined some useful tips and tricks that can make your existing decking safer.


Retrofit Non-slip Decking Inserts

Retrofit inserts like our SafeStrip 25 non-slip inserts are most effective way to make your existing decking non-slip and a lot safer. As an aggregate insert that can be retrofitted into your current decking boards, these inserts are a simple yet reliable method to make any deck less slippery.

With a 5 year performance warranty, you can depend on our inserts to make your deck safer year round and even extend the service life of your decking boards.

Unlike tape and similar, less effective methods, our inserts are designed to screwed in with screw holes every 300mm along the length of the insert.

Find out more about choosing the right non-slip decking inserts with our helpful guide on choosing the right aggregate for your non-slip decking


Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

If you’re not looking for a permanent solution to making your decking non-slip such as non-slip decking boards or retrofit decking inserts,  then regular cleaning and maintenance is the next best option.

Making sure your decking is regularly swept and kept clear of leaves can make a huge difference, especially in Autumn. It’s equally as important to mindful of algae and moss build-up which a thorough clean can help to address.

Pressure washers can be helpful for a deep, long overdue clean but you need to careful that you don’t damage the decking boards in the process. We recommend pressure washing your deck at least once per year to prevent algae and moss build-up.

Please read our tips on cleaning and maintaining decking and our guide on how to clean your deck for information on how you can avoid slippery decking through proper care of your decking boards.


Consider upgrading to Non-slip Decking

Now that we’ve outlined some of the more affordable ways to make your decking non-slip, it’s important to emphasise that the only complete non-slip decking solution is decking boards that have been designed and purpose-built to provide you with reliable safety.

If your decking is reaching the end of its service life and is due for an upgrade soon then the best thing to do is invest in a safe solution that will last. Our non-slip decking comes with a unique 15 year warranty that our decking boards come with PTV (Pendulum Test Value) slip rating of at least 85 and won’t fall under a PTV of 55 which means that you can rely on Gripsure products to create a safe, long-term solution for your outdoor space.

Browse our extensive range of non-slip decking to find out more about the variety of available decking options that can help you make slippery decking a thing of the past.

Non-slip Decking Solutions from Gripsure

With almost 20 years of supplying reliable non-slip decking solutions, you can trust our decking boards to provide you with the safest solution for any application. Our retrofit inserts are a reliable way for you to make your existing decking non-slip, but the best long-term solution will always purpose-built non-slip decking boards.

Get in touch if you are considering upgrading your decking to non-slip or you are interested in our retrofit nonslip inserts.