MOSO® Bamboo N-durance® Fascia Board

The MOSO® Bamboo N-durance® additional products are made of the same material as the decking boards: Outdoor-Density® bamboo.

Fascia boards are installed vertically against the sides of the deck to cover the sub frame joists, creating a clean and stylish finish.

25-Year Gripsue Performance Warranty

Features & benefits

  • Durability class 1 (in accordance with EN350)
  • Net carbon sink over its lifespan
  • Outstanding stability
  • Expected service life of 30-50 years
  • 25-year product warranty


Dimensions: 1850 x 137 x 20 mm
Edges: Longitudinal sides with radius, end sides beveled
Finish: Oiled Woca, end sides sealed
Installation: Screwed