Softwood non slip decking

Gripsure Pro

Pro Castellated

A traditional deck profile with deeper grooves to aid drainage. With two non slip inserts for an excellent slip resistant finish.

Pro Contemporary

Create a deck with clean lines and minimum fuss that looks modern and functional. Pro Contemporary is a plain deck board with two non slip aggregate inserts.

Pro Classic

Our original non slip decking board and still the best. With three non slip infills and an independent slip resistant rating of 100PTV Gripsure Pro Classic is ideal for high profile projects.

Gripsure Boardwalks

Boardwalk Heritage

Ideal for rural boardwalks and public gardens as well as ramps and disabled access platforms. Retaining the timber edge, it has a great look, whilst being exceptionally slip resistant.

Boardwalk Urban

Boardwalk Urban is a modern looking plain deck board, with one central aggregate strip providing a great level of slip resistance. Ideal for boardwalks, ramps and balconie applications.

Gripsure Pro Premier

Pro Premier

A traditional timber decking board profile available with two or three non-slip strips that deliver a high slip resistance. The thicker profile of this board means you can span further distances.


Gripsure Step profile

For extra safety on steps all year round