Gripsure donates decking to Dartmoor Zoo

Animal Science pod at Dartmoor Zoo

Earlier this year, Gripsure was delighted to be able to supply Dartmoor Zoo with a donation of non-slip decking, which was used to create a new walkway and viewing platform, allowing visitors to say hello to their three new male geladas.

Dartmoor Zoo, people of we owned a zoo, is located just outside of Plymouth and is home to an array of species, from jaguars to corn snakes. Earlier this year, during the first lockdown, a new enclosure was built to welcome home three new male geladas (a type of monkey). The three males, Bruno (aged 14), Kwame (aged 7 and Bruno’s son) and Soloman (aged 6 and Bruno’s nephew), were already living together at another zoo and are part of the international breeding program for their species.

Since arriving, they have been settling into their new enclosure which has been renovated especially for them to include heating, new lighting, and lots of branches for climbing and enrichment.

The non-slip decking has provided a safe walkway and viewing platform for visitors to say hello to these new faces, whilst maintaining safe access for the staff to reach and provide care for the animals throughout the year. A range of our softwood decking profiles were used to create a rampway making it accessible for buggies and wheelchairs too.

If you’d like to meet them for yourselves, the zoo is re-opening today (Friday 4th December) with restrictions in place. Check out their website for more details. They will also be running special Christmas evenings offering visitors the special chance to immerse themselves in a wild wonderland of light and create magical memories following their enchanting trails around the zoo.