How to hygge outdoors

Hygge outdoors in Autumn

Hygge is the Danish concept that has fast become a craze in the UK. It’s all about being cosy, slowing down and enjoying the little things in life with friends and family. But at Gripsure we don’t think you need to retreat indoors to experience hygge. As the days get shorter, the temperature drops and the nights close in, here’s how you can embrace hygge outside and enjoy your garden all year round.


You can completely transform your outdoor space with fairy lights, candles and tabletop lamps, creating a special atmosphere that makes you instantly feel cosy and relaxed. We love these outdoor candles from Nordic House and there are some great lighting ideas on Houzz, which should get you inspired. The key is keeping it low level to create an intimate feel.


One of the reasons why your garden is the perfect place to experience Hygge, is that you can tune into nature. In the mornings, you might hear birdsong, whereas later you might be lucky enough to hear an owl. With clever planting you can create a garden that stimulates all your senses: plants like bamboo make a lovely, restful sound when the wind blows through them. While loud, fast music is not very hygge – and won’t make you popular with your neighbours – gentle background music can help create a relaxing atmosphere to socialise with friends or enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.

Food and drink

Hygge is all about enjoyable, comforting, no-fuss food and we all know that everything tastes better outdoors. Keep it informal. You could take a delicious bowl of snacks to share out into the garden and on those colder evenings, handing out steaming mugs of hot chocolate is the perfect way to keep everyone warm. Remember that barbecues aren’t just for summer and if you really get into outdoor cooking, check out these amazing hot smokers and barbecues from ProQ.

Get comfortable

Most of us pack away our garden furniture when summer ends, but if your table and chairs are weather-resistant there is no reason why you can’t use them all year round. 4 Seasons Outdoor specialise in weather-proof garden furniture. But there are many ways to create a cosy, informal hygge area in the garden. Just bringing out soft, warm blankets and cushions outside can turn your garden into a comfortable and inviting living space – even on a chilly evening.

Stay safe

To truly relax and experience hygge, you need to know that everyone is safe. To avoid trips and slips, make sure any steps and pathways are lit; solar-powered lights don’t impact on your electricity bills and are better for the environment. Wet leaves, algae, surface rainwater and ice can make timber decking dangerously slippery. Sadly this can make many gardens a no-go area for months on end. Gripsure anti-slip decking has innovative safety features to keep you on your feet, whatever the weather. Choosing Gripsure Home, our great value non-slip timber decking, means you can relax and focus on enjoying your garden all year round.