5 reasons to get outside and enjoy your garden this autumn

Autumn leaves

1. It makes us healthier

Being outside on a beautiful autumn day is an ideal way to reduce stress and regain a sense of well-being. Almost every week there seems to be another scientific study confirming the health benefits of being outside, from reducing depression to strengthening immunity. Research has also confirmed that gardening is not only great exercise but is linked with better mental health. Just a few minutes in the garden will give you a vitamin D boost, some fresh air and a chance to switch off from the pressures of daily life and enjoy nature.

2. It's the most beautiful season of the year

Autumn is the time when many of our gardens look their best – some of the flowers are still out but the leaves are turning to shades of red and gold. The days may be getting shorter, but the weather is often warm. If you’re lucky enough to have a south-facing garden you can still enjoy the sun and even continue eating outside, long after the summer has finished.

3. It's the best season for wildlife spotting

If you watch BBC’s Autumnwatch, you’ll already know that this is a great time of year for wildlife spotting. Nature puts on a spectacular show before the colder winter weather arrives. From flocks of migrating birds to hedgehogs preparing for hibernation, there is plenty to see, even if you live in a town or city. You may need to patient, but why not snuggle up under a blanket and see what wildlife passes through your garden? If you want to encourage more wildlife to your garden, the RSPB has some excellent advice.

4. It's a great time for kids to be outside

Although it’s often mild, the days of worrying about sunburn are over and you no longer have to face the battles of applying sun cream to children who just want to get outside and play. Late autumn can be wet, but kids don’t seem to share our negative feelings about the rain. For younger children, splashing around outside in wellies and waterproofs is fantastic fun.

With colourful fallen leaves, nuts and acorns Autumn is a lovely time of year for craft activities. There are some great ideas here. Younger children may enjoy collecting things to stick on paper, while more accomplished crafters could gather material for a Christmas wreath. Keep a close eye on younger children, though, to ensure they don’t touch poisonous berries of fungi.

5. It's the perfect time to start planning for next year

There is plenty to do in the garden in the autumn, from tidying up decaying summer plants or sweeping up leaves to planting spring bulbs.

It’s also the perfect time to start thinking about how you can improve your garden for next year. If you share our enthusiasm for spending more time outdoors, think about how you can incorporate space for outdoor living into your garden – however small it is. If you want some inspiration, there are some spectacular outdoor living projects on Houzz.

Think about how you can make your garden a space you can enjoy all year round. That means giving careful consideration to the ground surface you want to use. Timber decking is a very popular choice for outdoor living spaces because it has such a contemporary look. It also becomes notoriously slippery in wet weather, which sadly means many people avoid it for much of the year. Gripsure non-slip timber decking is a great alternative, which will keep you on your feet even in wet or icy weather. Our slip-resistant timber boards are now available at Homebase, but you could also consider our decking tiles, for a quick way of creating a non-slip deck.

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