The Benefits of Bamboo

MOSO® bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Although giant bamboo is formally not a wood but a grass, it has excellent hardwood like characteristics. Discover the benefits that MOSO® Bamboo products can offer in your project!

Endless resource

Bamboo is an ‘endless’ resource. It grows faster than any other plant; up to 1 meter per day! Each year the 4-5 year stems are harvested, providing room for the younger bamboo to grow to maturity. During growth MOSO® bamboo absorbs more CO2 than is released during production. All solid MOSO® bamboo products are therefore guaranteed CO2 neutral over the complete lifecycle.

MOSO® Bamboo benefits

Hard & durable

Hard & durable

  • Biological durability Class 1 (EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-2), simulated graveyard test / Class 1 (EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-1)
  • Use Class 4 in accordance with EN 335
  • Effectiveness against blue stain Class 0 (EN 152)
  • Exceptionally hard: Brinell >9.5 kg/mm2 (harder than any tropical hardwood available)
  • MOSO provides Bamboo X-treme® outdoor products with up to 25 years warranty
  • Gripsure provides a 15-year non-slip performance warranty
High Stability

High Stability

  • Very stable as a result of a unique Thermo-Density® process of heat-treatment combined with High Density® compression
  • Far more stable than tropical hardwoods – enabling an end-match system (tongue & groove on ends)
  • Limited tendency to torsion
  • No gap between the ends of the boards necessary
  • Only 5-6 mm expansion space between the boards
Easy to Install

Easy to Install

  • Can be installed using hidden fasteners (edge grooved) or face screwed
  • Both sides of the board – grooved or flat – can be used
  • Fixed board length 1850 mm, easy for 1 person to install, no complicated installation plans necessary
  • MOSO® Fasteners make it easy to install and uninstall
  • End-match system simplifies the installation by allowing the joint to float between the joists
  • Complementing Thermo-Density® sub frame joists available


  • Simple and fast installation: up to 30% savings in installation costs!
  • Reduced waste because of the end-matched connection
  • Cost effective transportation because of the fixed 1850 mm length
  • Cost effective and space reducing stocking because of unique multi usable board
Beautiful Appearance

Beautiful Appearance

  • A beautiful, natural hardwood look
  • Choice of flat or grooved surface in one reversible board
  • Use of hidden MOSO® Fasteners avoids face screwing and plugging
  • Free of knots and natural plant resins
  • Choice between natural greying or retaining the brown colour with an exterior finish
Endless Resource

Endless Resource

  • Made from bamboo; with a growing speed of up to 1 meter per day it is the fastest growing plant on earth
  • Ready to harvest after 4-5 years (compared to up to 100 years for hardwood species) – no deforestation
  • Consisting of approx. 90% natural bamboo
CO<sub>2</sub> Neutral

CO2 Neutral

  • Official LCA and carbon footprint studies (EN 15804) confirm that MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® is CO2 neutral during the product lifespan*
  • No use of fungicide in the production
Fire Rated

Fire Rated

  • Achieves fire resistance Class Bfl-s1 (decking) and B-s1-d0 (cladding, fencing, beams) (EN 13501-1) without use of fire retardants
  • Achieves flame spread index Class A following ASTM E84
  • As a result, MOSO® Bamboo X-treme® can be easily applied in public projects without additional protective measures

Hard & durable

Bamboo, after processing, is very hard and durable. This means MOSO® bamboo flooring and decking can be used in heavy duty applications, where conditions such as high-traffic are expected. As well as this, several products are more than suitable for being used outdoors.

High stability

Due to the composition of individual strips, bamboo will shrink and swell less than most solid wood species, providing a very stable solution. This means that unique and intriguing solutions and creations can be developed.

Healthy and fire resistant

MOSO® bamboo products are also a healthy choice as they are antistatic and anti-allergic. Further they have very low emissions of harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Due to the high density, several MOSO® bamboo products fulfill stringent fire safety requirements and MOSO® has tested almost the full range of bamboo products.

Up to 30 years guarantee

Developing the best bamboo product is only possible through continuous attention for each detail during production. The Chinese MOSO team was created just for that. Only because of their daily effort a MOSO® bamboo product is very different from a standard Chinese bamboo product. And in the unlikely case that something was overlooked customers can count on our full support and guarantee up to 30 years.

The Future: 100% Cradle to Cradle Compliant Bamboo

One of the key benefits of bamboo is the rapid renewability, with stems growing to maturity within 5 years. To put this into practice and understand this benefit even more, MOSO® gives a 25 years warranty on Bamboo X-treme® for outdoor applications. During the warranty period, the bamboo has already grown back 5 times. It is clear that MOSO®’s industrial bamboo products, made from 90-98%* of sustainably sourced bamboo material from the fastest growing plant on earth, is therefore a natural fit with the biocycle of the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) concept. MOSO® is actively working in collaboration with leading glue manufacturers to develop a bio-based adhesive to bind the bamboo strips.

*depending on the product.